Top 20 Reasons To Visit Germany: Why You Should Go

It is high season, which means high prices and a large influx of tourists. You can also hop on a boat and head to one of the lake’s picturesque islands. There’s Oktoberfest 2023 plenty to discover in the area too, including Baroque castles and churches, monasteries, and amazing reconstructed stone and Bronze Age homes in Pfahlbauten.

Berlin’s beautiful green spaces are the perfect place for a long autumn walk, picnic or summer barbecue. Several public parks in the city let you have barbecues and some even offer the equipment (so you don’t have to bring the equipment yourself). Some of the best barbecue spots in town include Mauerpark, Monbijoupark, Sommerbad, and Tempelhofer Feld. Berlin has a vibrant Turkish community and is known for doner kebabs. You can also try other delicious Turkish dishes in Berlin, such as Künefe, a sweet dessert. To find these tasty treats, there are Turkish markets scattered around Berlin, or head southeast of Kreuzberg, better known as ‘Little Istanbul’.

With an interesting mix of culture, history and the outdoors, your holiday in Germany will be full of adventure and excitement. While the Bavarian and Black Forest promise the thrill of mystery, germany’s cities offer you a mosaic of varied experiences. Art galleries and performance theater give you a taste of local culture, and museums present a carefully told history for history buffs.

There is always something to do in Berlin, regardless of the season. There is the Melt Festival, Berlin Atonal, Lollapalooza, Pop Kultur, Citadel Festival and many more. October and November are dominated by Berlin’s Oktoberfest, as well as the Light Festival, where skyscrapers, buildings and monuments are illuminated. The Christmas period is the most magical time to visit the city where the Christmas markets come out and the whole atmosphere is festive. Among these main events, there are always cool pop-ups and festivals worth checking out.

Only the capital of Germany offers you a glimpse into history with the remains of the Berlin Wall, the famous unter den Linden arch and the huge park called Tiergarten. Haupstrasse, the main street of the city center, is full of markets selling goods such as pubs, restaurants, museums, art galleries, shops and mugs of beer, and German sausages. The Karneval Cologne – The most popular German mask festival offers a lot of fun for all visitors who enjoy dressing up and non-stop partying. Domplatz or Cathedral Square in Erfurt.Another wonderful road trip from Germany is the Romantic Road. The 400 km long route starts in Würzburg and runs through charming towns, green forests and dozens of historical monuments and ends at the world-famous Neuschwanstein Castle.

Whether you just want to relax with a locally brewed beer or listen to up-and-coming musicians at a festival, Munich has something for everyone. When it comes to castles, there’s probably nothing dreamier than Neuschwanstein, one of Germany’s most famous attractions. Built in the 19th century, the castle was commissioned by King Ludwig II of Bavaria in honor of Richard Wagner, the famous German composer. It is worth noting that the number of visitors is currently limited and you can only see the castle with a guided tour. While you may have previously thought only of Berlin and Oktoberfest when considering a trip here, there are many other facets of the country that make it worth a visit.