4 Unconventional Ways To Decorate Your Home With Tiles!

Many of us only think about tiles for our interior, but it is also a functional and attractive option for the exterior of your home. If we spend more time at home, both indoors and outdoors, porcelain stoneware can be a great way to revitalize your backyard, patio, or balcony. Waterproof and high-quality porcelain tiles are beautiful and durable, making them ideal options for the exterior. If you have an outdoor kitchen, you can use the same tiles for a cohesive look and a durable finish that is perfect for entertaining. In your bathroom or kitchen, tiles are one of the most important elements of a cohesive design.

Ideal for everyday use, it combines style with functionality with its R9 anti-slip rating. You should also consider using these beautiful tiles on the wall or even as a backsplash to add that much needed wow factor. While most tiles are not particularly “transitional” in their own right, tiles can accentuate the style that is already transitional. Mix traditional tiles, such as certain mosaics or a classic marble, with contemporary tiles, such as large format tiles, to get the best of both worlds. The mosaic pattern you choose can also be attributed to the transition style, such as using vertical or horizontal stacked tiles for a contemporary look.

Introduce beautiful shapes into your home with geometric porcelain stoneware such as the Regal Cubis Matte mosaic from Topps Tiles. Extremely sturdy, this cubed pattern will not only add style and personality to the coziest room in your home, but will create a perfect look. With such good tiles, let your floor do the talking and decorate with neutral and reduced accessories. For example, choosing an alcove tile will allow you to put your own stamp on your living space. The design elements of the eighties are huge now, and the square tiles offer a nice throwback to that era.

Let your inner artist create the perfect image with eye-catching mosaic products. Mosaics have a natural design element that can create a unique and impressive premium peel and stick tile at Commomy.com pattern. If you’re looking for ways to spice up your countertop and brighten up your kitchen, look no further than some great tile options from Trini tile.

This flexible style is a very popular choice for mixing established design trends and fresh new designs. Keep scrolling to see some great examples of our favorite transitional home designs and tile features. The living room is the heart of the house and deserves to be the center of attention.

Here are a dozen ways to lay beautiful and eclectic tiles to make them work throughout the House. Every bathroom needs tiles, but why not turn this requirement into a beautiful design element? Turn your bathroom into a luxury spa with our high-quality, beautiful and functional tiles selected from around the world. Angelag090 / Instagramalthough we’re big fans of neutral, whitewashed rooms, there’s something about a bold pop of color that makes a room feel like it’s fresh out of a magazine. This bright room from interior designer Angel Gonzalez is simple and tasteful, but the accents of yellow, blue and purple take it to the next level. From your bathroom to your living room, color is an easy addition to any room in your home, and one that will instantly make you feel fresh and New.

The classic marble checkerboard pattern is traditional in its own right, and uses tile patterns to achieve a transitional style. This clean kitchen design from Timber Trails DC perfectly achieves the transitional style. Take a look at traditional cabinets with raised panel details combined with straight and elegant drawer pulls. Stainless steel appliances and lighting give way to a modern look compared to the traditional decorations on the countertops.Moderna The neat Chevron tile pattern stands out. As fresh, rich and eminent, marble tiles give a beautiful look to walls, floors and other surfaces.

Consider it for the shower frame, the kitchen backsplash or the entrance floor. Although White and light neutral are the key to any room in a country house, some of the best tiles for country-style houses have rich colors. There are countless options for white tiles, so you should have no problems finding a few varieties you like.