12 Iconic Eyeliner Looks

This intense lining will wear out perfectly all day or all night. The color range is limited, but it adheres to the classic black, blue and brown. This award-winning eyeliner pencil is double-sided with a waterproof black liquid formula at one end and a gel pencil at the other. The gel pencil is infused with Tarte’s iconic Amazon clay and contains no wax, which means it will slide so you can easily create a smooth finish. The smooth ultra-fine liquid lining dries until an opaque, semi-matte black finish is easy to apply, perfect for creating a crispy cat eye.

We found that the color was incredibly rich and applied gently to the blankets without coloring or fading. Due to the unique design of the rotating gel, there is a slight learning curve when applying the product, but once you have mastered it, you get unbeatable results. When it comes to makeup, there is nothing better than Pat McGrath’s. We are obsessed with this coating which is available in 6 different shades.

The NARS Pencil Delineer promises a very pigmented finish with little effort. The durable formula lasts 12 hours on the waterline without coloring or loosening. This is a great choice of eyeliner pen for people who wear contact lenses and struggle to put the liner on the tab line. This lining is available in a variety of dramatic tones in Sephora, all of which are named after iconic roads such as Madison Avenue, Abbey Road and Via Appia . Julep Gel Formula Eye Shiner comes in the form of a traditional ballpoint pen, but slides smoothly without shocks, for smooth application.

The microtip on Stila’s Stay All Day waterproof liquid eyeliner is small enough to be accurate when working with uneven surfaces, but it still has enough pigment to pull thick, saturated strokes. In addition, the waterproof power makes it a perfectly warm climate, so that sweat, sea water, pool splashes and moisture do not ruin your appearance. You may know gel, liquid and eyeliner, but in powder form?

Now they come in mechanical style: a plastic cylinder with a retractable pencil, so you have more control and don’t waste precious products. There are thick pencils, thin pencils, durable pencils and flawless pencils.

For this, grab a small, angled makeup brush and moisten the bristles, then immerse it in the color of the eyeshadow you want to use and apply it along the cap lines like you would other eyelins. This method cannot be used along the waterline area of your eyes, but can create a beautiful effect around the edges. It can also be applied to liquid, gel or kohl lines to work as a “set” agent or to give a grader and fiery appearance. Whether you are a beginner or a professional, this pen is waterproof and one of the best pharmacy liners with hood. The soft felt-tip pen brush is sturdy enough to draw precise lines. It is waterproof and dries quickly without coloring the upper eyelids.

When buying the eyeliner for your dreams, you should consider what kind of look you are looking for. If you are a professional like Ree, you may want to experiment with a liquid brush tip lining that needs a steady hand. If your style prejudices are less, eyeliner tattoo you’d rather try a thin-eyed pencil that’s easy to operate. This Bobbi Brown long-term gel eye lining is durable, waterproof and easily slides over your skin without pulling or pulling. It gives you a few seconds to correct it before you dry it.

Liquid formulas are the target of real cat eyes thanks to the intense color reward they offer. The professional tip we love is to place a piece of tape in the outer corner of the eye before applying the liquid coating. Not long ago, eyeliner pencils looked like the colored pencils you drew with as a child. They were made of wood and there were not many options in the texture of the pencil and how it created a line along the whip. You had to sharpen them at school as colored pencils to keep the tip sharp. You can still find old school pencils if you like them, but eye pencils have generally come a long way.

You will not find such rich and pigmented colors anywhere else, they are really special. We tested the black coffee eyeliner and it is the right side of the dark brown, it is not as flat as a black lining and adds depth to the appearance. Easy to use, this is one of our favorite applicators, the lining slides like a dream and is accurate and smooth. Looking at the price, this is one of the most impressive liquid coatings on the market.